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Programme of meetings 2017

11.00 Wednesday
12 April

Hagg Wood, Dunnington, SE65W

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Meet at the end of Intake Lane.
This predominantly coniferous (Forestry Commission) wood occupies about 70% of one of the last remaining target tetrads and has potential for yielding a very high score. It is undergoing restoration to deciduous hardwood so there will be disturbed areas. The wood is large enough for us to concentrate on the northern half where there are several broad habitats. We can then consider whether a second meeting would be worthwhile in September.

SE 679 528
11.00 Wednesday
17 May

Wheldrake Wood (Langwith Common Side)

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Meet at the car park.
This predominantly coniferous wood (Forestry Commission) extends westwards over SE64T to an area within SE64N that was more open and rich in heath flora when I last visited in about 1995. Blechnum spicant was refound then in Blackmoor Plantation (SE64T). Other rarities there include Gnaphalium sylvaticum and Carex pilulifera. There is potential for recording a high score of acid grassland species e.g. both Aira spp. and usual associates. There are old records for Phegopteris connectilis and Oreopteris limbosperma on Langwith Common so there's a chance to make history.

SE 667 471
11.00 Wednesday
14 June

Kelleythorpe Marsh, TA05D

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Meet at the farm shop which is down a left turn just after the A614 (South West) exit of the Kelleythorpe roundabout. Unusually we are to be both guests of, and host to, Mr Robin Smyth of Sunderlandwick Hall. Mr Chris McGregor of Natural England will also join us. Best boots, bibs, tuckers etc and I think we should seek permission to use a grapnel and to collect when required on the day. A recent re-find here is Lesser Tussock Sedge (Carex diandra), a species not often seen in VC61.

TA 011 564
11.00 Wednesday
12 July

Wayrham/Bradeham/Pluckham Dales

Meet on car park.
Begin with a dactylorhizological bonanza on the now famous Wayrham road verge before setting off on a big loop, ca 4 km, through three steep sided dales, with a well, woodlands and a busy salted road verge, recording in 3 different tetrads - SE85 I,P &: N.

SE 834 567
11.00 Wednesday
26 July

Allerthorpe Common. SE75 N & T

Meet at car park/picnic area.
Allerthorpe Common, in our opinion, is the most concentrated location for rare or scarce VC61 species including Polygalla serpyllifolia, Gnaphalium sylvaticum, Hypericum humifusum, H. elodes, Botrychium lunaria, Cirsium dissectum etc. The High Moor region, cleared of trees several years ago; Genista (Petty Whin) grew at that side before the common was forested. Will we re-discover it?

SE 753 478
11.00 Wednesday
23 August

North Cliffe Wood

Note the change of date and venue - we will be particularly on the look-out for Acorus calamus and Calamagrostis canescens.

SE 861 373
11.00 Wednesday
20 September

Deep Dale Plantation and Knapton Brow

Meet near Wintringham Church.
Taking the Wolds Way through the west side of Deepdale Plantation northwards to Knapton Brow and back via West Farm, and then any route we dare venture. SE87 W & X.

SE 887 731

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The programme may change over the year as new meetings are organised (or existing ones re-scheduled) so keep checking this page. It is always advisable to let Richard or Peter know if you intend to come so we can advise of any late changes.
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